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2 Ply Glud Laminaion Kitchen Paper Towel

2ply gule laminaion kitchen paper is virgin pulp, oil lock, thick and flexible,it can Wipe cleansed fruit,Dry hands.

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Product Details

Shanghai Clean Paper Co.,Ltd is one is a professional manufacturer of kitchen paper manufacturers.


2ply gule laminaion kitchen paper is virgin pulp, oil lock, thick and flexible,it can Wipe cleansed fruit,Dry hands.

Feature and Advantage

1.Point to point design, embossing very becautiful.

2.2ply glue lamination technology

3.sheet size is Suitable and comfortable.

4.100% virgin pulp 

5.absorb oil and water.

6.Clean and health

7.Do not add any fluorescent agent

kitchen Paper Towel Roll

kitchen Paper Towel Roll

2ply kitchen Paper

2ply kitchen Paper

Virgin Pulp Kitchen Paper

Virgin Pulp Kitchen Paper

Gule Laminaion Kitchen Paper

Gule Laminaion Kitchen Paper


Type: Roll or folding

Packaging Details: Individually wrapping;2Rolls/Pack;24Rolls/30Rolls/36Rolls/CTN

Delivery Detail: 15DAYS

Roll Height: 210MM/230MM/240MM/280MMETC

Sheets: 70sheets/roll;75sheets/roll ;84sheets/roll;110sheets/roll

Core: 42MM/45MM/48MM

Ply: 2PLY

Embossing: YES

Processing technology: Advanced 2ply glue lamination


1. If we are unable to meet an order or there is a fault you will receive a timely refund or replacement.

2. We have experienced sales staff to communicate with you.

3. Products are exported more than 320countries in the world.

4. Won the alibaba certified source manufacturer.


1. When we paid for it, how do we determine that the product produced is the same as the sample we see?

We can send some of the goods in production to customers, and we welcome customers to check the quality at any time at the factory.

2. Can you print our logo on the package? Is there any other cost here?

Yes, we can print your logo on packing., if you have design ,you can send it to us,we can print for you, if you haven’t ,you can send us your idea .our designer will do it for u ,

Print will be cause addational plate cost ,each color is $ 100, but each plate can be used 10 years,

3. If we have paid all the money before we ship, how can we ensure that our money is safe?

We will draw a Credit protection orders on alibaba , It is used to protect the buyer's payment and ensure that the seller delivers on time and manufactures quality products as required.

If you have interested, Feel free to contact us. We sincerely hope that every buyer can purchase the right product in our shop.

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