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Airlaid Kitchen Paper

1ply airlaid kitchen paper, oil lock, Wipe the plate, Wipe stove, washable, Can not afford to lose paper, Wipe the glassware.

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Product Details

Shanghai Clean Paper Co.,Ltd is one is a professional manufacturer of airlaid kitchen paper manufacturers.


1ply airlaid kitchen paper, oil lock, Wipe the plate, Wipe stove, washable, Can not afford to lose paper, Wipe the glassware.

Feature and Advantage

1.Full of toughness, not easy to pull off

2.Can not afford to lose paper

3.Raw materials, clean and sanitary

5.Disposable wipes

6.Neatly packaged

Airlaid Kitchen Paper   Airlaid Kitchen Paper Towel   1ply airlaid kitchen paper


Type: Roll or folding

Packaging Details: Individually wrapping;2Rolls/Pack;24Rolls/30Rolls/36Rolls/CTN

Delivery Detail: 15DAYS

Roll Height: 210MM/230MM/240MM/280MMETC

Sheets:70sheets/roll;75sheets/roll ;84sheets/roll;110sheets/roll

Core: 42MM/45MM/48MM

Ply: 2PLY

Embossing: yes

Processing technology: Advanced 2ply glue lamination


1.All products pass FSC, ISO9001, ISO14001,SGS certified.

2.All raw materials pass high-density sampling and testing

3.High-capacity foreign advanced machine,

4.Our service staff has a strict business attitude and maintains a friend's enthusiasm.


1. Can we visit the factory before we place an order?

We welcome customers from all over the country to visit the factory, we can create invitation letters for you, arrange hotels, and provide airport transfers, we can sincerely make every customer feel at home.

2. Do you have agents in our country? Can we be your agent?

Our company has been exporting for decades and has sold many countries. If you want to be our agent, we are very happy, but we need to make 10*40HQ quantity every month.

3. We are a novice to this industry? Can you arrange shipping for us?

No problem, we have many suppliers for cooperation, we can help you compare prices, because the shipping costs are not very stable, and sometimes if the difference is more, if the customer is not too eager, we can store goods for customers for two months, when cheap Respond to the customer in time.

If you have interested, Feel free to contact us. We sincerely hope that every buyer can purchase the right product in our shop.

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