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Are You Still Wiping Your Face With Toilet Paper? Don't Maitai, Pay Attention To The Point!
- Jul 02, 2018 -

A lot of people at home only a paper towel, large use, small use, wiping hands, wipe the mouth with, wipe the face with, wipe the table with, wipe the plate with ...

They think is not all paper, buy a kind on the line, whether it is pumping paper or roll paper, choose a paper towel does not occupy the place Ah, still can solve many problems, why not? But do you really know anything about paper towels?

Paper towels are divided into kitchen paper, tissues, toilet paper, and then a little bit of baby towels, women pee Special paper towels. Different tissues, sanitary testing standards are different, fungal bacteria, the colony requirements are also different.

Toilet paper sanitary standard is not used to wipe the face, especially the mouth. So some people are accustomed to eating a piece of toilet paper to wipe the mouth of a person to recommend the choice of Kleenex wipe.

After all mouth, bacterial fungus testing relatively much of the sanitary paper wipe mouth is easy to cause a variety of gastrointestinal diseases. For the use of paper towels, it is best to select targeted paper towels. Kitchen napkins will come in contact with food to choose food-grade kitchen paper. But also must have the extremely strong oil absorption, absorbs the water effect. Toughness must be better, suction water is not broken, is the choice of good.

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