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Children Should Use The Home Color Ecological Paper!
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Infant skin delicate, weak resistance, bleaching white residue of chlorine, benzene, fluorescent powder in contact with infant skin through the skin into the body, resulting in itchy skin, red rash, red buttocks and other symptoms.

Cold infants, with bleached paper wipe snot, chemical molecules will go down the nostril into the respiratory tract, thereby reducing infant immunity, endangering infant health. In the process of using natural eco-paper, infants and young children can avoid the harm of chemical raw materials, and maintain two harm in paper.

Yunnan Bamboo Pulp color paper does not bleach, no Add. Color paper in the domestic acceptance degree is far less than white is why?

Consumers generally think that white represents clean, with less impurities, but the white through the high not only did not improve the health level, but also not conducive to saving resources and increase the burden of environmental pollution. The country is starting from the standard revision of products, to limit the high whiteness of the products, the whiteness of the Kleenex has been reduced overall, there will be further downward trend in the future. More and more people in the industry believe that the color paper represents the future development trend of paper for life.