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How To Use Kitchen Paper
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Kitchen paper has two main functions, one is for home cleaning, the second is to absorb food moisture and oil. When the first kitchen paper is used in kitchen, I usually use it to absorb the moisture of the dishes, wipe the stove, the range hood and so on. Because of its thick paper and strong water suction, and will not leave a fluffy or confetti, it is also suitable for Windows, mirrors, tables and other non kitchen places of home cleaning.

In addition, the kitchen tissue can be folded in the hood of the filter oil box bottom, adsorption excess grease, avoid stubborn grease in the box, easy to clean. Kitchen paper can also prevent leakage.

Use the kitchen paper mat under the seasoning bottle to prevent leakage, of course, can also be placed in the fridge, to prevent food and beverage leakage, so that the refrigerator clean more easily, easy to clean home appliances. The second role is used in food. The first is to absorb water, such as frying fish before using kitchen paper to dry fish surface and the water in the pot, fry will not occur when the oil explosion. And after the meat thawed will bleed water, with kitchen paper suction dry can ensure food fresh sanitation.

In addition, before the fruits and vegetables into the refrigerator wrapped in kitchen paper and fresh bag, can make food fresh-keeping time longer. As for oil absorption, after frying the food out of the pot on the kitchen paper, let the kitchen paper absorb excess oil, so that the food is not so greasy, of course, more healthy.