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Is The Paper Towel Good Or Not Fragrant?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Once on the market once popular with scented paper towels, refreshing jasmine and seductive cologne incense, captured a lot of girls heart, especially the campus girl, there is a bag of scented paper towels that is walking with incense. Still remember, at that time the school did not hire cleaning aunt, cleaning is the students themselves, a toilet taste all top nose.

A scented paper towel, covering the nasal cavity, instant feel the air is fresh a lot. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, pay more attention to the health of products to the human body, many businesses are now advocating no paper towels. So what's the good of scented napkins and scented paper towels?

Are scented tissues harmful to the human body? In fact, the quality of the paper towels are raw pure bamboo pulp or original pure wood pulp manufacturing, paper towel itself is not with fragrance, and some taste is the natural fragrance of the plant itself.

The smell of the smell is due to the addition of flavor. The smell of paper towels may be good for the mood. But if it's good for your health, it can be dangerous.

Because the fragrance agent there is very likely to contain some to cancer substances, it is recommended not to use frequently. Experts said that although the regular manufacturers of scented paper towels have been tested by the national quality, but do not rule out a lot of poor quality paper towels to cover up their own problems. This kind of paper towel mostly contains harmful chemicals, use it to contact the face directly, the skin of hand is even used to wipe the mouth directly, it is easy to cause allergic reaction.

The most typical performance is to wipe the skin with a paper towel, soon there will be itching or pain feeling. So I suggest you buy a paper towel to buy healthy, non-toxic, environmentally friendly paper towels, do not buy too thick or too heavy paper towels. And for children, immunity is relatively low, to completely avoid the use of scented paper towels, skin contact too much harmful chemical substances.