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What Is The Color Toilet Paper?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Healthy color toilet paper with natural color pulp as the main raw material, the original color pulp belongs to all chlorine-free slurry, does not contain fluorescent brightener, does not contain two evil English, maintain the natural nature of plant fiber 100%, is a new generation of environmental pollution-free, no harm to the human body, raw pulp, primary colors of health-friendly paper pulping technology.

Even if the children in the sticky small amount of saliva and color paper contact will not be harmful to the body. Yunnan Pure Color Paper unique small fiber, so that the paper more flexible, is the real embodiment of environmental protection and health. Applicable to the family, hotels, guesthouses, all kinds of food and beverage venues, so that all users out of bleach and recycled paper on the human body harm.